Turnkey SMT Assembly Systems

Select one of these complete SMT assembly systems for cost effective prototyping, pilot manufacturing, or volume PCB assembly.   Each system includes all the individual  pieces of SMT assembly equipment required for complete PCB assembly.  Or you can mix and match by selecting individual SMT machines to create your own customized SMT assembly system.

Medium Volume Throughput Contact DDM to discuss this system
Model SPR-45VA Solder Stencil Printer Model LS60V pick-and-place machine for medium volume production 1800HC Medium volume reflow oven
SPR-45VA Automated Stencil Printer with Vision Assist  LS60V Automated Pick and Place 2000HT Low to Medium Volume Reflow Oven


Low-Medium Volume Throughput (our most POPULAR line) See special Lease Options - Click HERE
SPR-45 Automatic Stencil Printer for low-med volume turnkey systems LS40V SMT pick and place machine for low to medium volume productions lines GF-120HC
SPR-45 Automated Stencil Printer LS40V Automated Pick and Place GF-120HT Low Volume Reflow Oven


Low Volume Throughput Get a Quick Quote – Click HERE
SPR-45 Solder Stencil Printer for Low Volume Systems LS40 smt pick and place machine for low volume production GF-125HC/HT Low Volume Reflow Oven
SPR-45 Automated Stencil Printer LS40 Automated Pick and Place GF-125HC/HT Low Volume Reflow Oven - NEW PRODUCT


Pilot Manufacturing See special Lease Options - Click HERE 
SPR-25 Stencil Printer for Pilot Manufacturing Lines LE40V Pick and PLace for Pilot Maufacturing Line GF-12HC
SPR-25 Manual Stencil Printer LE40V Automated Pick and Place GF-12HT Low Volume Reflow Oven


Automatic Prototyping Contact DDM to discuss this system
SPR-25 Manual Solder Stencil Printer for Prototyping NovaPlace Pick and Place Machine for Prototyping Production GF-B
SPR-25 Manual Stencil Printer NovaPlace Automated Pick & Place GF-B-HT Low Volume Reflow Oven


Manual SMT Prototyping Contact DDM to discuss this system
SPR-20 Manual Prototyping Solder Stencil Printer MPP-21 for Maual SMT Prototypiing GF-B Wave Solder for Manual Prototyping
SPR-20 Manual Stencil Printer MPP-21 Manual SMT Pick and Place GF-B-HT Low Volume Reflow Oven


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