DDM Facilities Factory Training Center

trainingAs a US manufacturer of SMT and PCB assembly equipment, one of DDM Novastar's competitive advantages is that we can train our customers on our machines right at the factory. Here, our engineering and production managers are available to demonstrate the unique features and operation techniques of each machine. We also offer on-site training for our DDM equipment - right at your facility.

Customers are welcome to schedule one-on-one training any time. DDM Novastar also offers regular workshops scheduled quarterly.

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  • In-depth how-to stencil printing process
  • Single or double sided boards
  • Vacuum hold-downs for flexible circuits
  • Maintenance and upkeep


  • In-depth software training and programming
  • CAD Importing
  • Performance optimization, improving speed
  • Maintenance and upkeep


  • Programming the oven
  • How to profile your product/board
  • Board handling, single/double sided
  • Maintenance and upkeep
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