SPR-45VA Stencil Printer

Obtain high-quality stencil printing of printed circuit boards with the SPR-45VA with SMTrueTM Vision Assist.  The high magnification of the SMTrueTM Vision Assist  enables alignment of components down to 12 mil ultra fine pitch for accurate stencil to board alignment the first time, every time.

View a video " Overview of SPR-45VA Vision Assist Stencil Printer Setup "

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  • SMTrueTM Vision Assist with single or dual cameras and 10X magnification enabling axial alignment of stencil to board down to 12 mil ultra fine pitch
  • Pneumatic adjustable power sweep squeegee for automatic printing with single or dual stroke
  • Power frame lift for higher volume production
  • Fine X, Y, and Theta adjustments for exact, repeatable stencil to board print alignment
  • Spring loaded Double Nesting Kit option for quick board changes and printing of single and double sided PCB boards
  • PCB vacuum hold down (optional)
  • Ability to print flex circuits with vacuum option
  • Adjustable frame holder compatible with any tubular or cast framed stencils up to 23" x 23" (584mm x 584mm) outside diameter
  • Adjustable, reproducible angle-of-attack squeegee adjustment
  • Dual squeegee holder with independent print force adjustment for clean, convenient application of solder paste
  • Supplied with urethane and metal squeegees.
Maximum print area 16" x 18" (406mm x 457mm)
Adjusts to various size frames Frame holder accepts any size stencil frame up to 23" x 23" (584mm x 584mm)
Adjustable dual squeegee pressure/speed Pneumatic/pneumatic
Vacuum hold-down option Yes
Linear squeegee guide Automatic
Adjustable angle of attack Yes