LE-40V Pick and Place Equipment with Vision

Benchtop pick and place model with Vision equipment offers technologically advanced, low cost solutions for low to medium volume SMT placement applications. The LE40V is specifically designed for facilities where quick setup, ease of operation and high reliability are paramount.

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  • The highest quality with advanced technology at a cost effective solution
  • Vision Centering using both top and bottom cameras “on the fly”
  • Placement rates up to 3000 cph
  • The best GUI (graphical user interface) in its class using Windows®-based software allows a new board to be programmed in minutes
  • Up to 56 tape feeders, up to 84 tape positions with bank feeders
  • Accurately places a wide range of components including 0201s, LED’s, BGAs, 15 mil pitch QFPs, SMT Connectors and many others*
  • Precision placement head design with closed-loop logic
  • Auto fiducial correction and bad board mark standard
  • Accurately place, manager, and track components with SMTrue™ Smart Feeders
  • Cut tape, loose, tube, or tray feeders also available
  • Integrated on-the-fly component centering using Mechanical fingers, or Vision (Cognex®)
  • Self contained no shop air required
  • Optional side-mount monitor arm available
Max board size 13.5" x 22" (343mm x 560mm)
Smallest component capability 0201 components
Largest component size 1.96" (50mm) square body
Placement accuracy ┬▒ 0.001" (0.025mm)
Max placement rate 3000 cph
Typical verifiable placement rate 1800 - 2500 cph
Fine pitch capability To 15 mil pitch (0.381mm)
Max travel area 22" (X axis) x 22" (Y axis) (560mm x 560mm)
Overall dimensions 40" x 42" x 27" (1016mm x 1067mm x 686mm)
Max no. of feeders (8mm tape) 56
Max no. of feeders with L-GB-12 bank feeders 84
Tape feeders 8, 12, 16, 24, 32, 44 mm (Electrical)
Vibratory Feeders Loose, tube, stick (frequency & amplitude control)
Matrix Tray Feeders With Board/Matrix tray holders
Centering Centering Fingers
Vision system Cognex® Vision
Dispenser Option Up to 10,000 dots/hour