PCB Assembly Equipment for Through Hole Systems

DDM Novastar Inc., a leading global engineering and manufacturing company, develops and markets intuitive, economical OEM solutions for low to medium volume mixed assembly through hole PCB producers.

The OEM product suite covers the entire line of through hole assembly including Wave Solder Machines, Solder Fountains, Dip Solder Machines, Dip Solder Pots, Lead Forming Equipment, and Component Counters.

Wave Solder Machines
Models S8, S12, 14F, 18F and 24F represent a complete range of wave soldering machines for PCB widths from 8” to 24” (203.2mm to 609.6mm) utilizing a motorized adjustable conveyor with wave and flux interval sensors, an onboard computer storing up to 100 recipes and top and bottom preheat.

Solder Fountains, Dip Solder Machines and Dip Solder Pots
The Models GW-10 rework solder fountain digitally controls solder temperature, wave height, solder flow, and blow through duration for placement and removal of through hole components.

Models GW-BD and GW-LD semi-automatic soldering systems provide timed flux, preheat, and solder cycles utilizing adjustable titanium finger PCB translation.

Selective Solder Machines
DDM Novastar offers a range of Selective Soldering Systems that are economical, reliable, and easy to program, enabling you to:

  • Eliminate intensive hand soldering operations and reduce labor overhead
  • Eliminate costly wave solder fixtures

Replace your costly wave or hand soldering process with a DDM Novastar Selective Solder System! Select from the ESS, SPA or QS Selective Soldering Systems and match a system to meet your board needs:


Board Size Requirements Instrument
310mm x 310mm (12 x 12 inches) ESS310
500mm x 500mm (19.7 x 19.7 inches) ESS500
200mm x 200mm (7.874 x 7.874 inches) SPA-200
300mm x 300mm (11.811 x 11.811 inches) SPA-300
400mm x 400mm (15.748 x 15.748 inches) SPA-400
460mm x 460mm (18.110 x 18.110 inches) QS-460
610mm x 560mm (24.016 x 22.047 inches) QS-610


Use DDM Novastar ESS, SPA, and QS Selective Solder Systems for selective soldering of through-hole components on PC boards.  The Windows® based software makes programming quick and easy. Simply point and click using intuitive graphics.

The DDM Novastar ESS Selective Soldering Systems are designed for short run, mixed technology applications and provide the throughput, accuracy, and reliability you are looking for to improve the productivity of your selective soldering process.

The DDM Novastar SPA Selective Solder Systems provide flexibility with a large selection of nozzles for all component shapes and sizes.  Use for single and multipoint soldering for PGAs, connectors, ICs, large components, etc.

The DDM Novastar QS Selective Soldering System provides flexibility for user’s who require machine versatility…dual solder pots that heat up simultaneously or independently, dual solder pots that provide a 12” wave and selective soldering capability on the same instrument, and dual spray and/or precision Micro Drop fluxers.

Make the switch from hand soldering to an DDM Novastar Selective Soldering System and increase your ROI.


*Based on a 40 hour work week / 52 weeks per year with a loaded wage rate of $17 per hour (includes benefits, health, etc.). Your actual ROI may increase or decrease based on your production requirements.
Number Of Hours
Spent Soldering Per Day
ROI (years)*
DDM Novastar Model SPA-200
2 3.7
4 1.9
8 0.9
16 0.4


Lead Formers
The Model F-1 Axial Component Trimmer/Former and Model AF-1 Motorized Axial Component Trimmer/Former address stand-ups and cut-only leads from 0.0030” to 0.0050” (0.0762mm to 0.127mm) with a counter and reel holder for processing up to 46,800 cph.

The Model R-1 Radial Lead Trimmer and Model AR-1 Motorized Axial Trimmer provide dual cutting edges extending blade life with easy cut length adjustments for processing speeds up to 72,000 cph.  The Model RTV Loose Component Trimmer addresses a wide range of components including capacitors, TO-92s, LEDs, SIPs and most in line radial devices with processing speeds up to 3,000 cph.

Component Counters
Models  GC-12, GC-30 and GC-40 provide a broad array of manual and motorized component counter solutions accepting all reel widths in either AC or battery back-up configuration for counting taped SMD, Axial and Radial components.

DDM Novastar offers a convenient rental program for component counters. For further information on renting unit, please contact the company in your area.

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