Selective Solder

The most economical and reliable selective soldering machine on the market for lead and lead free soldering applications is also available for quick shipment. With increases in PCB complexity and component densities, selective soldering is a popular technique for mixed technology PCB boards containing a small number of through hole joints or components.  You can use a selective solder machine to replace more time-consuming and expensive systems using wave or hand soldering with fixtures – systems that are also not as repeatable. 

  • All DDM Novastar Selective Soldering Machines are compatible with both lead and lead free solder
  • Exceptional accuracy and repeatability for selective soldering of through-hole components
  • Photoscan Software Editor for off-line program editing

Visit the File Library for system videos showing quick system load/unload, dual nozzles, dual fluxers, and 3 shot nozzle technology, quick pump release for easy maintenance, and more...

Read the article "Selecting a Selective Soldering System."

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NS-13S NovaSelect Series Selective Solder Machine    NS-13S (NovaSelect) Selective Solder System
The NEW NovaSelect Series is an economical compact selective soldering system.

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ESS Selective Soldering Machines    ESS Selective Soldering Machines
The ESS Selective Soldering Machines offer a new entry point in cost-effective, easy-to-operate, automatic batch selective soldering.

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