Lease package request for low-med volume throughput turnkey system

For only a $1,345/month lease,
you get a complete system
ready to plug in and run, including:

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SPR-45 Automated Stencil Printer

Cost effective automated stencil printer compatible with standard frames covering a 16" X 18" (406mm x 457mm) print area with power sweep squeegee.

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LS40V Automated Pick and Place Machine

Premium model with unmatched precision for low to medium production runs utilizing Cognex® Vision system.

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GF-120HT Low Volume Reflow Oven

Conveyor reflow oven with 41" (1042mm) long heating tunnel for low volume lead and lead-free reflow soldering.

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Also included in this turnkey system:

  • One (1) L-BF-12 BANK FEEDER - 12 LANE - 8MM TAPE
  • Two (2) L-T12 TAPE FEEDER - 12MM
  • One (1) L-T16 TAPE FEEDER - 16MM



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