School Profiles

Using DDM Novastar Assembly Equipment

School: Mid-size Canadian College - who pride themselves on their applied learning opportunities, and research and innovation programs.

Equipment purchased: SPR25 Stencil Printer, CS 40 Pick & Place, GF-12 Reflow Oven

Intended Use: Will be used to provide meaningful experience and education for the students who work in their Innovation Center. This will include prototyping and new product development to meet the needs of a growing IOT movement in their area. Through the expansion of their technology lab, and local business funding, they are partnering with industry to develop working prototypes, utilizing leading-edge technology.

School: Small West Coast Community College – with a strong emphasis on STEM Programs

Equipment purchased: SPR25 Stencil Printer, LE40V Pick & Place, GF-12 Reflow Oven

Intended Use: The College’s Engineering Technology Departments offers several programs that teach ‘introduction to electronics’ and other hands-on courses.

School: Midsize public University in the Midwest – offering a place where ‘Big Ideas become Real-World Solutions, that have a positive effect in their state’.

Equipment purchased: MPP-21 Manual Pick & Place, GF-B Batch Reflow Oven

Intended Use: The school’s Engineering Department offers several Instructional program, using real life contextualized education. They require engineering students to Prove out their projects for their curriculum tests & doctoral work. This University is very involved with their Capstone Program. (click to read more)

School: Major private West Coast Research University. They Offer a diverse Engineering curriculum, the have a long history in technology and innovation.

Equipment purchased: SPR25 Stencil Printer, MPP-21 Manual Pick & Place, GF-B Batch Reflow Oven

Intended Use: Although the university offers several electronics courses, most of the school’s lab is for working on ideas and ‘one-offs’, in the assembly of surface mount devices onto boards. While primarily doing prototyping, they wanted scalability to small production capability. They are currently purchasing additional equipment that would allow engineering students to develop small electronic prototypes in a ‘makerspace’ type of laboratory. With the addition of their new Maker Space Lab, the school is adding additional SMT courses.

School: Small West Coast Private Doctorate-granting research university – one of the ‘top-ten universities,’ known for their engineering programs.

Equipment purchased: SPR25 Stencil Printer, LE40V Pick & Place

Intended Use: Their technology lab was designed with maker spacers & Entrepreneurs in mind. They chose to buy an automated rapid PCB Assembly system including stencil printer, reflow oven, and assembly system. They chose to NOT to buy a manual Pick & Place system, since they wanted to show how a ‘robot’ worked. According to the research engineer that helped select the equipment, some of the challenges included determining the items to be purchased while working within their grant procedures and budgets.

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