SPR-20 Solder Stencil Printer

With the SPR-20 Stencil Printer, precise X, Y, Z and theta axis controls allow accurate, consistent deposition of solder paste or masking material for SMT printer applications. This durable easy-to-use SMT printer provides repeatable and reliable results.

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  • Shares tubular and foil frames with SPR-25
  • True theta adjustment (from exact center point) to enhance alignment ease
  • Independent 4 point Z axis leveling
  • Complete printing kit provides polyurethane squeegee holder, one tubular frame, and Lexan fixture for easy registration set-up
Maximum print area 12" x 15" (305 x 380mm)
Adjusts to various size frames No
Adjustable dual squeegee pressure/speed Manual
Vacuum hold-down option No
Linear squeegee guide No
Adjustable angle of attack Manual