L-NP32 Benchtop Pick & Place System

The NovaPlace™ Series is a complete, low-cost turnkey automatic pick and place machine that can be put in production right out of the box. Once a specific PCB is programmed, the machine automatically picks up each component from its designated feeder or tray, centers the part and moves to the placement location, and accurately places the part. The feeders automatically position the next component for pick-up.

Prototyping - Pilot Manufacturing - Low Volume Production

Read the article "Selecting a Pick & Place Machine."

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  • Provides affordable automatic pick and place operation in a tabletop system
  • Easy to set up, easy to program and easy to use with WindowsTM based software
  • CAD editing Software
  • System includes 4 position nozzle changer for most SMT component sizes
  • Placement accuracy, up to 0.004"
  • Uses new Micro Stepper Technology
  • Placement rates up to 2100 CPH
  • Cut tape strip holders available in various widths & configurations
  • Individual 8, 12, 16, 24, 32 & 44 mm & 12 lane 8mm tape bank feeders available. 
  • Inserts available for stick/tube/loose components in a vibratory feeder for SMT components including discretes, 0402s, 0603s, SOICs, PLCCs, and 20 mil pitch QPPs
  • Optional convenient SuperStrip™ feeders for short tape strips
Max board size 13.5" x 22" (343 x 560mm)
Smallest component capability 0402 Components
Largest component size 1.378" (35mm) square body
Placement accuracy ±0.004"
Max placement rate 2100 cph
Typical verifiable placement rate 1000-1800 cph
Fine pitch capability 25 mil
Max travel area 22" (X axis) x 22" (Y axis) (560 x 560mm)
Overall dimensions 40" x 42" x 25" h (1016 x 1067 x 635 mm)
Max no. of feeders (8mm tape) 32
Max no. of feeders with L-GB-12 bank feeders 48
Tape feeders 8, 12, 16, 24, 32, and 44mm (Electrical)
Vibratory Feeders Loose, tube, stick (frequency & amplitude control)
Matrix Tray Feeders With Board/Matrix tray holders
Centering Centering Fingers
Vision system Color CCD card camera
Dispenser Option Time & pressure, clean dry air @ 80 psi required