DDM Novastar Launches New 5-Zone Horizontal Convection Reflow Soldering Oven

New 5-Zone Horizontal Convection Reflow Soldering OvenSeptember 27, 2013 (Philadelphia PA) - DDM Novastar, a U.S. manufacturer of SMT and PCB assembly equipment, is pleased to announce the launch of the company's newest reflow oven, model GF-125 HC/HT, designed with five zones to provide a longer conveyor length and 2 additional zones to give better control over the soldering profile.

The Model GF-125 Reflow Oven, with an overall tunnel length of 56", is a new product developed in-house by DDM Novastar's Design Engineering team. It is based on a very successful, proven design, the 3-zone Model GF-120HT with a 41" long heating tunnel. The GF series incorporates DDM Novastar's patented Horizontal Convection Heating technology in which air is circulated horizontally in one direction above the board, and in the opposite direction below the board. This circular air current, or “cyclone,” around the board produces extremely uniform temperature profiles across the entire board. Both models are compatible with lead-free solder.

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About DDM Novastar, Inc.

DDM Novastar, Inc, was established in 2011, following the close of APS Novastar, LLC, formerly of Huntingdon Valley, PA. Many of the key staff from APS were hired by DDM Novastar to continue the legacy started by APS in 1981. DDM Novastar continues in their footsteps as the global leader in the design, development, and manufacture of OEM equipment for the short to medium run surface mount technology (SMT) and printed circuit board (PCB) markets.

DDM Novastar's products include stencil printers, automated pick and place robots, reflow ovens, wave and selective solder equipment, component counters and lead forming equipment. DDM Novastar's experienced team has installed over 24,000 product solutions in the telecom, defense and aerospace, security, transportation, automotive, medical and diagnostic devices, personal computers, and academic markets. For more information, visit www.ddmnovastar.com or call +1.610.337.3050.

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