RTV Radial Loose Component Trimmer

Lead forming machine will trim a wide range of components. It not only routinely accepts various types of caps - TO-92s, LEDs, SIPs etc. - but in the machine's manual mode will easily form and trim leads on components that are too top heavy for other vibratory processors. The reason for the RTVs versatility is an exclusive vibratory mechanism which operates in a horizontal plane. This provides far greater stability so parts can be more consistently processed.Radial Lead Forming Machine, DDM Novastar Model RTV

  • Linear vibratory feed track
  • Fully adjustable cut length with built-in scale
  • Dial adjustable cut length scale
  • Processing speeds up to 3,000 cph
  • Automatically separates finished components from scrap


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Component Type Radial, Loose
Processing Speeds Up to 3,000 cph
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