Newest Member of the DDM Engineering Team - Geoff Lukin

New Mechanical Engineer brings electro-mechanical system skills to new product development.

Geoff LukinDDM Novastar is pleased to announce the addition of Geoff Lukin to our engineering team. Prior to joining DDM, Geoff worked in product evaluation and development at Southco, Inc. Some of Geoff’s experience includes process improvement and machine redesign and retrofits, specializing in motion control and data acquisition systems.

Geoff will help lead our engineering team in new product design and development, along with providing engineering support for our existing product line of pick and place machines, stencil printers, reflow ovens and related equipment.

In additional to his SolidWorks and Matlab skills, Geoff also has practical hands-on machining talents which brings an exciting opportunity to DDM Novastar and will only strengthen our position in the SMT market.

Goeff received his Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering Degree from the University of Delaware, and has a minor in Mathematics. In addition to tennis and running in his spare time, Geoff is an active participant in the Tough Mudders obstacle courses!!

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