About DDM Novastar

How DDM Novastar assists you with your high mix, low volume PCB assembly

Innovator and Leader
With over 26,000 SMT and PCB assembly systems sold, DDM Novastar is a leading manufacturer of OEM equipment for the short to medium run production environment. Since our introduction of the first Through Hole Leadforming and Component Counter products in 1982, DDM Novastar has remained an industry leading innovator. By offering our customers the most reliable, easy-to-operate, easy-to-service, and lowest total cost of ownership “turn-key” SMT OEM systems available today, our commitment is to be your primary source for the most comprehensive range of solutions for prototyping, pilot manufacturing, and low to medium run high mix applications.  DDM Novastar’s unparalleled array of stencil printers, automated pick and place, reflow and batch ovens, selective and wave solder equipment is backed by superior technical support and can accommodate the most demanding applications with absolute precision.

Easy-to-Use SMT OEM Solutions Get You to Market Quickly

It has always been a top priority at DDM Novastar to design, manufacture and support SMT turn-key OEM equipment that is easy-to-use. That is why DDM Novastar’s equipment software uses SMT industry standard icon-driven, intuitive commands to make programming a snap. Our state-of-the-art Windows GUI environment for job set-up, management, and a self-actualizing operator mode is packed with intelligence and speed for handling any high mix board population requirements no matter how simple or complex. DDM Novastar vision software allows easy, straightforward teach-in and operator modes to simplify part and system set-up and tuning. Configure a Paste, Place, Reflow and Selective turnkey SMT line from our latest generation of products to provide the exact requirements you need. The LS Pick and Place, SPA Selective Solder equipment and GF Reflow Ovens offer the highest speed and performance while the CS Pick and Place, SPR Stencil Printers and Spartan Wave Solder products are designed for the most demanding, low cost applications.

Cost-Effective Solutions Give You a Competitive Edge
DDM Novastar realizes how critical it is for SMT and PCB manufacturers to keep their production costs down. Which is why, we design all of our products with total cost of ownership in mind. DDM Novastar solutions generally provide a Return On Investment (ROI) pay back within eighteen months or less. Our team is prepared to consult with you on the optimal turn-key SMT solution aligned with your current or projected throughput requirements.

Custom Solutions to Fit Any Application
If you cannot find a SMT or PCB OEM turn-key solution to meet your requirements, then DDM Novastar will design one specifically for you. We are geared to build cost-effective advanced OEM assembly solutions to meet your criteria, whether adding a new feature, changing a GUI or accommodating a precision part placement, temperature or solder application requirement.  With all the inherent costs, time and risks involved, there's no reason why you should design your own SMT or robotic advanced assembly system when you can rely on the expertise, cost-efficiency, and proven reliability of DDM Novastar.

World-Class Support Assures Your Success
Every DDM Novastar product you buy is backed by DDM Novastar’s commitment to superior customer support. This includes a fully-trained technical support team with well over 100 years of SMT and PCB production assembly experience. To further assure your success, DDM Novastar works with a worldwide network of factory-trained, independent representatives who fully understand the requirements of your specific application and stand ready to demonstrate DDM Novastar products.

Continuing Education to Grow Your Knowledge
DDM Novastar has always made SMT and PCB OEM assembly product solution education a priority for our customers. Our content-rich, on-line learning center is filled with information such as white papers, web tutorials, and application examples. Customers find our 2-day workshop a great way to get a head start on their SMT and Through Hole PCB projects. This workshop includes hands-on labs which enable users to practice newly introduced concepts. Users also gain familiarity with set-up, programming and operation of all of DDM Novastar’s products and can spend quality one-on-one time with DDM Novastar engineers to discuss their individual project.

"DDM Novastar’s commitment is to be the leader in providing high-performance, cost-effective, easy-to-use SMT and PCB Through Hole turn-key OEM assembly solutions that solve real customer problems in the short to medium run production environment."  

Located in Ivyland, PA, DDM Novastar,Inc is a privately held company consistently reinvesting profits to sustain technological innovation to meet customers’ future needs.

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