Reflow Ovens

Horizontal Convection Air Flow
*Patent # 6,936,793

DDM Novastar makes a revolutionary reflow oven for the SMT market, designed with patented Horizontal Convection technology* for even heating across the entire face of the PCB. Models range from a traditional benchtop solder reflow oven to batch ovens to automatic floor style systems. Also selections for reflow soldering using hot plates and vapor phase ovens are located here.

  • Perform lead-free and lead reflow soldering profiles on a single reflow oven
  • Obtain excellent reflow oven thermal uniformity with patented Horizontal Convection Air Flow Management
  • Expert reflow application consultants to assist you
  • Inert nitrogen atmosphere option for most models

Why Buy from a Reflow Oven Manufacturer?

DDM Novastar is perhaps the top worldwide reflow oven manufacturer for low to medium-volume reflow systems and one of the top companies manufacturing higher volume systems.   And DDM is the only USA reflow oven manufacturer (that we know of).  When you buy from a manufacturer like DDM you get a reliable source for Spare Parts, Repairs, and Upgrades: DDM is still producing parts for our reflow systems made 30 years ago.  We often provide upgrades and rebuilds and can make specialized reflow machines.  Whether you buy a reflow oven made by DDM from us or one of our local representatives you know you can depend on service and support.

Also, visitors should see the DDM article on how to buy a Reflow oven as published in SMT magazine’s June 2015 Issue:    The beginning paragraphs here:

Selecting a Reflow Oven, Part 1

How many zones can you afford?
Seems like an odd way to start a discussion about Reflow Ovens, but it’s not entirely unreasonable. As with any complex process, there will be tradeoffs between cost and capabilities, and more zones will always give you more flexibility and better predictable quality, but at a cost. The decision has to be qualified primarily on your anticipated throughput, that is, how many boards you process in a day or a week.
There are other considerations too, such as board size, component density, and appropriate thermal technology, but we’ll talk about those (and more) after identifying the work flow volume. Following is a guideline for zones relating to typical volume needs:

Board throughput Type/Zones Typical cost range
1-5 boards/day Single or dual hot plate; no zones $1,000 - $2,000
12-15 boards/day Batch oven, single zone $2,500 - $6,000
100 boards/day Conveyorized 3-zone oven $10,000 - $15,000
Over 100 boards/day No. of zones dependent on
speed & volume
Up to $200,000

Now for the explanation. Every soldering operation requires a preheat stage for a certain period of time to activate the solution, a soak stage for a different period of time, and a reflow stage where temperatures peak for yet a different time frame. After this, the board is removed and cooled. Depending on the material, e.g., lead, lead-free or specialty materials such as epoxies, the heating profile for each stage will vary according to the manufacturer’s specifications to achieve optimal bonding.

You can compare up to three products within a single category. Choose from the following:


Medium to High Volume

GF-125 HC/HT: a NEW Automatic Solder Reflow Oven    GF-125 HC/HT: a NEW Automatic Solder Reflow Oven
Five (5) heating zone horizontal convection PCB reflow oven with 56" (1423mm) long heating tunnel for medium-volume and/or high-mix surface mount assembly.

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SF Lead-Free Reflow Oven    SF Lead-Free Reflow Oven
Large industrial-type reflow oven with Eight (8), ten (10), or twelve (12) heating zones and conveyer with 107", 133" or 157" (2710, 3356, or 3980 mm) long heating tunnels for medium to high volume surface mount assembly.

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Low to Medium Volume

ERO-500 Conveyor Reflow Oven    ERO-500 Conveyor Reflow Ovens
Five(5) heating zone conveyor reflow soldering oven Tunnel system with 69" (1745mm) long heating tunnel for low-to-medium production PCB reflow soldering.

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1800HT Conveyor Reflow Oven    1800HT Conveyor Reflow Oven
Conveyor reflow solder oven with 50" (1270mm) long heating tunnel for low to medium volume surface mount assembly.

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2000HT Conveyor Reflow Oven    2000HT Conveyor Reflow Oven
Six (6) heating zone conveyor reflow oven with 72" (1829mm) long heating tunnel for low to medium volume soldering of SMDs.

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Low Volume

GF-120HT Reflow Oven    GF-120HT Reflow Oven
PCB reflow oven with Conveyor in a 41" (1042mm) long heating tunnel for low volume lead and lead-free reflow soldering.

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GF-12HT Benchtop Reflow Oven    GF-12HT Benchtop Reflow Oven
Benchtop conveyor reflow oven for low to medium volume lead-free assembly with option for Nitrogen Inert Gas. High temperature model enables lead-free reflow soldering.

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GF-B-HT Reflow Ovens    GF-B-HT Reflow Ovens
Mini reflow oven with single zone table top design for prototyping and batch production runs with shuttle handling. Capable for lead or lead-free soldering.

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GF-C2-HT Reflow Ovens    GF-C2-HT Reflow Ovens
Conduction/convection desktop reflow oven model ideal for lead or lead-free batch and prototype reflow, curing, and hot plate applications.

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Reflow Hot Plates

GF-DL-HT Hot Plates    GF-DL-HT Hot Plates
Dual hot plate with two (2) independent, digitally programmable temperature controls and dual 13" x 6.4" (330mm x 163mm) plates for lead and lead-free soldering.

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GF-SL-HT Hot Plates    GF-SL-HT Hot Plates
Lead-free and lead soldering, single function hot plate with programmable digital temperature control and 13" x 13" (330mm x330mm) heating area.

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