Advanced turnkey assembly solutions for low to medium volume PCB assembly

DDM Novastar designs and manufactures cost-effective turnkey surface mount assembly and through hole assembly systems for low to medium volume PCB assemblers.

A leading PCB equipment manufacturer for low/medium volume systems with over 24,000 systems sold

Our innovative and reliable equipment includes stencil printers, pick and place machines, and reflow ovens for surface mount assembly; and wave or selective soldering systems for through hole soldering as well as lead forming machinery and component counters.

DDM Novastar assists customers in every facet of their applications

DDM Novastar offers practical 'hands-on' application assistance with every sale to help our customers choose the best equipment for their applications. In addition, customers can often use assistance in leasing, installation, training, service, and customization.

New Expanded Product Line for Selective Solder Systems. DDM Novastar is now the North American Distributor for InterSelect of Germany. 

DDM Novastar Inc is expanding their present product line to include a new generation of Selective Solder German-engineered machines & systems. DDM Novastar will be the exclusive North American distributor for InterSelect of Germany. This partnership will create new opportunities for InterSelect in US, Canada and Mexico, and more selective soldering options for DDM Novastar customers.

Read more in our Selective Solder section.

DDM Novastar News
DDM Novastar is looking for Representatives!
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 New DDM Novastar Welcomes New Mechanical Engineer
DDM NovastarDDM Novastar is pleased to announce that Xiangxingyu Lin (“Lucas”) has recently joined our team at DDM’s headquarters in King of Prussia, PA.
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 New DDM Announces Second Open House!
This will be the best opportunity to see all of DDM Novastar's products demonstrated in one place, ask any technical questions, and get a first-hand tour of DDM Novastar's U.S.A. manufacturing and assembly facility.
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 New DDM Launches New Low Cost Automatic Pick and Place Machine
DDM NovastarThe L-SF40 is a complete, affordable turnkey automatic pick and place system that can be put in production right out of the box.
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