DDM Novastar Leadership Team


Robert Voigt - President and CEO Robert Voigt - President and CEO

Bob heads up the company's sales as President and CEO. He formerly served as Operations Manager for DDM as well as the former APS Novastar, after joining them in 1983 as one of their founding members.

Throughout his tenure with APS Novastar, the breadth of his experience has covered a variety of increasing operational leadership responsibilities. He now leads the company's execution strategy for direct and indirect sales, channel development, and customer service.

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Barb Kirkpatrick - Vice President and CFOBarb Kirkpatrick - Vice President and CFO

Barbara brings 35+ years of technology, sales and marketing experience with engineered products. Her experience includes 5 years of customer business development with Eclipse Combustion, and 20 years with Thermal Engineering as Sales and Marketing Administrator.

Barb’s background in business process improvement and technical sales allows her to focus on improved customer service. She oversees all finance, marketing, sales and administrative functions.

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John Malboeuf - Vice President of Global SalesJohn Malboeuf - Vice President of Global Sales

With 30+ years of PCB and SMT assembly experience, John will lead the sales team in the expansion of DDM Novastar's long-standing work, in the design, development and manufacturing that will best serve our customer's needs.

In addition to business development, John will be responsible for channel management and market support strategies, while working closely with our newly expanded Engineering team and new product implementation.

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Brian Osterhout - Electro-Mechanical EngineeringBrian Osterhout - Director of Engineering

Brian also brings 30+ years of machine design experience, with a broad background in product development and manufacturing. As a prior APS Novastar Project Engineer and Senior Designer, Brian helped design the L-Series Pick & Place machine, and will direct the Engineering team in new product design and development.

He will also provide engineering support for Novastar's existing product line of pick & place machines, stencil printers, reflow ovens and soldering systems.

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Rich Wendler – Service / Customer Support ManagerRich Wendler – Service / Customer Support Manager

Rich is responsible for all customer support functions including the Service Department, Training and Customer Service. Rich also came from APS Novastar, where he worked since 1984, in technical support and product testing. After leaving DDM Novastar for a few years to work elsewhere, Rich has rejoined the Novastar team to take on a leadership role in the Service & Customer Support area.
Rich is responsible for coordinating all field/site support as well as troubleshooting equipment during production.

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Bernadette Biondi – Inside Sales & Customer ServiceBernadette Biondi – Inside Sales & Customer Service

Bernadette began her career with DDM Novastar in 2011 as a customer service representative and was promoted in 2013 to Inside Sales Coordinator. In addition to quoting and order processing, Bern is also the events coordinator for all of our Technical Workshops and trade show exhibits. Her dedication and attention to detail have played a key role in improved order processing and overall customer satisfaction.
Bernadette does the quoting and other customer service functions such as order processing and logistics.

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Jerry Schock – Service Support and Electronic EngineeringJerry Schock – Service Support and Electronic Engineering

Jerry joined DDM Novastar in 2013 as our Mechanical Designer / Electronics technician. He brought along extensive experience in the custom semiconductor and solar manufacturing industries, as well as a strong AutoCAD and Solid Works background.

Two years ago, Jerry took on the added responsibility of service support and training. In the future, Jerry will be providing more focused support on our mechanical product development and electronics engineering.

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Joe Arico – Pick & Place SpecialistJoe Arico – Pick & Place Specialist

Joe’s background is machine shop technology and he was formerly with the Diversified Design Machine Shop as shop supervisor. Joe has worked along the DDM Novastar team since 2011, but his detailed understanding of our equipment evolved into a key role with our customized machines and product lines.
Joe’s attention to detail and machine shop experience allow us to focus on process improvement and improved quality control, especially with our Pick and Place Machines, which are the core of our production lines.

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Jack Peoples – Service Support & Wave SpecialistJack Peoples – Service Support & Wave Specialist

Jack has been a part of our DDM Novastar team since 2011 and was with the original APS Novastar since 1984. With over 33 years of product experience and understanding of solder technology – no one is better prepared to be responsible for our solder line. Besides the ability to startup, setup and make necessary adjustments, Jack is uniquely qualified to identify any problems and ensure the correct actions are taken.
Jack also fills in with service support on other DDM equipment and is a key instructor for our training demonstrations.

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Roman Rosales – Software & Motion Control EngineerRoman Rosales – Software & Motion Control Engineer

Roman is our Electrical Engineer, providing software development for our entire product line. He has been involved with the former APS Novastar’s machines since 1990. As our Electrical Engineer, Roman provides service and engineering support for our existing product line and helps lead our engineering team in the area of new product design and development. His motion control skills are a perfect fit with current product expansion plans.

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