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circuit graphicDDM Announces Second Open House!
This will be the best opportunity to see all of DDM Novastar's products demonstrated in one place, ask any technical questions, and get a first-hand tour of DDM Novastar's U.S.A. manufacturing and assembly facility. 


Apex 2015


Press Releases

DDM Novastar Welcomes New Mechanical Engineer
August 11, 2014

DDM Novastar Launches New Low Cost Automatic Pick and Place Machine
May 12, 2014

DDM Novastar Announces Streamlined Leasing Option for Its Customers
January 20, 2014

DDM Novastar Introduces 5-Zone Reflow Oven
September 27, 2013

DDM Novastar Open House A Big Success!
September 19, 2013

DDM Novastar Appoints Sales Coordinator
August 29, 2013

DDM Novastar Welcomes New Design Engineer
August 22, 2013

DDM Novastar Announces Open House
August 15, 2013




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