Welcome to the DDM Novastar Learning Center

This section of our web site is a resource to help familiarize manufacturers of printed circuit boards with the latest technologies and methods involved in PCB assembly. In this area you will find informative industry articles, explanations of key component assembly technologies, and a glossary of frequently used terms.

SMT Technology - Surface Mount Technology is a method of assembling printed wiring boards or hybrid circuits, where components are attached to pads on the board surface, as distinct from through-hole technology, where component leads are inserted into holes.

Through Hole Technology - Through Hole technology is a method for constructing electronic circuits in which the Pin-Through-Hole (PTH) components are inserted through holes drilled into printed circuit boards (PCBs).

Selective Soldering - Replace your costly wave or hand soldering process with an DDM Novastar Selective Solder System!

Reflow Soldering - Learn about DDM Novastar's Reflow Oven Horizontal Convection technology for uniform temperature and the precise reflow profiles needed for lead-free soldering applications.

Articles - Relevant articles on PCB Assembly.

Glossary of Industry Terms - Helpful glossary of important, often used industry terms and acronyms.

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